Wheel Stand Pro Review

For those of you that are keen on sim racing you will probably already have a wheel stand of some sort but is it the right one? For everyone else who has perhaps like racing games but have not taken the leap towards “turbo nerd” statues the equipment needed might be a bit of a mystery. Along with the wheel you will need a stand and this Wheel Stand Pro review may just remove some of the hunting around.

Wheel stand pro review

Steering Wheel

One of the key things you will need to consider once you have chosen your steering wheel, is how you are going to mount it. Gone are the days of having a tiny plastic wheel on your lap and essentially finding it harder to drive than using the control pad. Things have come on along way, you know have the choice of some very serious steering wheels with enough forced feedback to break a swans arm (They are always going around breaking peoples arms so it seemed fair). They range from £100 to well up in the region of £400 but eBay is full of hardly used wheels that people have decided to get rid of so dig around and see what is available. Most wheels come with pedals too so no need to buy separately.

Where To Put Everything

A bit challenge when thinking about setting yourself up a little race simulator is where everything will go. Most people do not buy a specific racing seat but ever so, you do need to think of what TV you will use and where your wheel, stand and pedals will go. A good idea is perhaps the spare room where there might be a desk to sit a cheap flat screen TV on and a chair in front of. Many a hopeful racer will have set up their racing gear in a garage somewhere but be careful to check there are no leaks!

Wheel Stand Pro

Wheel stand pro are one of only a few companies making dedicated stands for gaming steering wheels. There are a few random “argos” type stands knocking around but when you feel the weight of a good steering wheel and the power in the motors you will soon understand that these are no worth buying. You also need to consider where the pedals will fit and wheel stand pro certainly have that bit well licked. There are a number of different models depending on the wheel you buy but they are all based around a basic template so for the purposes of this review it is best to consider the stands as a whole. The range includes stands that have gear shift sections for those taking it to yet another level of realism. Wheel Stand Pro also do flight simulator stands too so they really have the sim stand world well covered.

Setting Up

These days pretty much everyone buys things online, and wheel stands are no exception. The challenge for manufacturers is how they get it to you in a format that you can easily turn into a sturdy and stable stand. The idea of building things for a lot of people is just too much, even if they do think they are a racing driver. The Wheel Stand Pro comes in what seems to be quite a small box. It is fairly flat but reasonably heavy which is certainly reassuring. Once you slide of the cover you are faced with very few parts to work with and you instantly get the feeling you will have it up and running in no time. That initial gut feeling is correct, with a few pulls, tugs and maybe a couple of head scratches the stand is basically up. The only tricky bit was actually fitting the wheel to the stand itself but handily the Wheel Stand Pro folks have made some handy youtube videos to make this all rather easy. To keep the pedals in place they have used a rather simple but very effective bar system that just clamps over the pedal board. Once done you may never have to tighten or touch it again. 2 months into the test and no adjustments have been needed, nor are any likely.


Let’s Get Racing

So once you have fixed the wheel to the stand, and fixed the pedals in too you are ready to plug in and race. You will no doubt be scuppered by a tonne of updates the console needs to do but once that agonising wait is over you can hit the button and start the game. You will need to calibrate you wheel but that is actually quite fun and makes the first race all the better.

Wheel Stand Pro – Is it any good?

To set up the system is brilliant, it also looks good. It is super easy to adjust and you could very easily fold it away if you needed too. It offers a wide range of height options and all the movements are done progressively and not using pre drilled holes. This means you can set it to the exact height and distance for you… this is a big plus! we are all different shapes and sizes and Wheel Stand Pro has certainly grasped that fact well.

Once you are racing the stand almost disappears from your thoughts and that is exactly what it is meant to do. It may seem a little harsh on this brilliant bit of kit but the less you think about it the better job it is doing. You should be glued to wheel and the screen, the stand is simply there to make everything feel right and allow you to race and it does that very very well. No matter how much the forced feedback wheel bucks around the stand doesn’t wobble at all, it is solid, sturdy and very well built.

Should I Buy A Wheel Stand Pro

In short, yes. if you want a flexible and solid stand then there is no need to look any further. Price wise they also very reasonable; coming in at around £99 for a basic stand means most people could put one on their Christmas list where as the wheels themselves may take a bit more planning.

Head to wheelstandpro.com to check which stand fits with your wheel or give them a call to talk though what you need.

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