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Many moons ago computer racing games were basic to say the least. Consoles in the 90s offered driving games that bore little or no resemblance to the real world; games like Rad Racer or even the bike game Road Rash were about the best of them. The arcades offered a little more in terms of a driving experience with the famous multi player Daytona game but classics like Outrun were just games. The idea of a driving simulator was not really a common one, there was a game called Hard Drivin’ that claimed to simulate driving but it was so hard no one really played it in the arcades and the fact it included a loop the loop in the first 10 seconds kind of took the “simulator” feel away. In recent years, however, things have got a lot better. The launch of Gran Tourismo on the Play Station 1 was a real game changer and since then there has been a number of amazing driving games that offer so much to the budding racer.

The question that often arises when talking about racing sims is “Can it help you drive better?” this is not meant to refer to driving on the road, it is geared towards racing. So many gamers spend hundreds of hours racing famous circuits in famous cars and as the games get more realistic are they becoming racing drivers? The GT academy certainly showed that you can take amazing gamers, put them in a racing car and with some help get amazing racing drivers.

This year I am going to be attempting to get better at karting by using one of these simulators. I bought myself a PS4 with Project Cars, a rather expensive steering wheel and a very nice stand from Wheel Stand Pro and I am going to start spending hours being a nerd and racing at home. It is not the coolest thing in the world but it is a lot of fun and if the game really is any good then I am hoping to see some better results this year.

after doing a season in 2 stroke karts I learnt a great deal but I was always a little slower than i should have been, On top of that I get beaten at the starts because I lack confidence, I worry about hitting another kart and I can be a bit of a wimp when it comes to late braking. By practising at home for many hours I am hoping to improve my race craft, confidence and general “seat time” so that when I do hit the track in 2016 I will do it with more purpose and see some better lap times.

Watch This Space!

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